• Get A Quote For A Replacement Liner

    Need a new liner for your inground or above ground pool?

    Simply fill out the form below to the best of your abilities and we will get things started.

    Often times if the customer is able to fill out all of the categories on the form, depending on the builder, we can pre-write a proposal, subject to inspection at the time of measure. This can help expedite the process.

    If you don't have all the answers that's ok! We can arrange to look at your pool and provide you with a formal quote.

    If you prefer, please call Gene at 585-385-7946 ext. 218. Don't hesitate to leave a detailed message including your address and contact information.

    Common sizes are 16'x32', 18'x36', 20'x40'
    If you have cell phone images please email to gene@385swim.com.
    Is there any other comments about your pool that we should know about?