• This is How You Guarantee a Clear Pool Upon Opening

    September 21, 2017
  • This is how you guarantee a clear pool upon opening in spring

    With closing season officially in session, you might not be thinking ahead to your spring opening yet. One thing at a time, right? In this case, wrong! Closing your pool properly now can actually save you lots of time, money, and headaches in the spring. And who doesn’t want that? Start planning your closing now, so that you can make sure that your pool is crystal clear upon opening.

    Here are a few factors you’ll want to consider in planning your pool closing:

    • When are you going close your pool? (Read our guide on choosing the best date here)
    • Are you going to close your pool yourself, or schedule a closing with your local pool professional? (Book yours with us today by calling 385-SWIM)
      • If you’re closing yourself, what type of closing kit are you using?
      • If you’re working with a professional, have you booked your appointment?
    • How is your water chemistry? Is it balanced and ready for your closing? You’ll want to ensure it is within two weeks of your closing date.

    And did we mention that there’s a way to guarantee that your pool will be algae-free in the spring? The next time you walk into your local pool store, just ask them about Pool Magic.

    This is how you guarantee a clear pool in the spring…

    All you have to do, once you’ve balanced your water chemistry and are ready to close your pool, is add Pool Magic at least two days before closing, along with two gallons of chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water to your pool. If you’re a customer of ours, you’ll receive a form from North Eastern Pool & Spa, guaranteeing your pool to be crystal clear and algae free up to May 15th of next year. Out of the eight winterizing kits we offer, this is the ONLY one that comes with a guarantee for a clear pool in the spring!

    In addition to the written guarantee, there are also a few other benefits of closing your pool with Pool Magic:

    • Pool Magic is an all-natural, patented enzyme-based formula
    • It breaks down organic compounds such as oils and lotions
    • Keeps pool water cleaner while preventing scum-line formation
    • Helps to preserve your swimming pool’s liner or finish
    • Reduces the need for scrubbing and cleaning
    • Makes spring pool openings faster and easier
    • Makes swimming pool maintenance easier
    • Natural formula is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic
    • Allows for reduced chlorine usage
    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Economically priced for excellent value

    No matter how you choose to close your pool, be sure to get to your local pool store ASAP to get your water tested and either schedule a closing or purchase your closing kit!

    Best of luck,  and enjoy the fall season!

    Have you ever used Pool Magic? Would you try it?