• Fiberglass Pools

  • We Sell and Install Fiberglass Pools

    North Eastern offers a variety of pool options, including Lifetime Fiberglass Pools. Installing a Lifetime Fiberglass Pool is fast, easy, and hassle free, meaning that you can be swimming in your pool much faster than some of our more extensive options. These pools also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so there's no reason to worry about craftsmanship. These pools are truly "built to last a lifetime".  

    And what's more? We have an on-site fiberglass "pool park", where you can shop and explore ready-made fiberglass pool options right before your eyes: 

  • Additional Benefits of Owning a Fiberglass Pool

    Efficient Installation
    Because of the installation processing the ready-made fiberglass pool options available, you could be swimming in your pool in as little as two weeks!

    Smooth Finish
    Unlike gunite pools, fiberglass has no abrasive or rough surfaces.

    Super Strength
    Lifetime Fiberglass Pools exceed the standards for shell thickness, meaning they can handle earth movement by flexing instead of cracking.

    Lower Chemical Use and Maintenance
    Gunite pools have a very porous surface meaning they require more water circulation and more chemicals to prevent algae growth. Fiberglass pool shells are nonporous, so they help prevent algae growth and require less sanitizing chemicals than gunite pools.

    Lower Lifetime Cost
    Because a fiberglass pool uses less chemicals and does not require re-surfacing like a gunite pool, they can cost you less money over the life of your pool.

  • Fiberglass Pool Installation