• Measuring For A New Spa Cover

  • There are literally thousands of different spas out there creating thousands of different spa cover measurements. That's why it's important to measure correctly. However, measuring for a new spa cover doesn't have to be a major production. Just follow these simple steps below!

  • Measure the top of your spa or your current spa cover.

    If you like the way your current spa cover fits on your spa and it's not broken, waterlogged or otherwise distorted, you can use it for your measurements. If your current cover does not fit correctly for any reason, you should measure the top of your spa. Be sure that your measurement is to the widest end of the acrylic top so that the skirt (the fabric hanging freely below the cover) will hang down straight. Round your measurements up to the nearest inch. If your spa cabinet has a rail, you can either include the width of the rail in your measurement so that the skirt hangs down over the rail or don't include the rail width and measure just the acrylic so the skirt hangs down to the top of the rail. Be sure to provide all measurements required in the diagram (there are no "optional" measurements). Where the length and width measurements differ, it's generally best to use "A" for the longest dimension (see also #3 below "The Fold").

  • Radius corners are no big deal.

    Many spa covers have rounded corners which means you must measure the corner radius. The measurement comes from the intersection of two lines drawn from where the curve starts on both sides of a spa corner. This may sound a little difficult but it's not. The easiest way to measure a corner radius is to us a carpenter's square like the one below. Even if you don't have a carpenter's square, you can use another straight edge or even "eyeball" the intersecting line for a measurement that's close enough for this purpose.
  • Get the Fold Right

    The fold is the hinge in the middle where the cover folds in half. Make sure the fold is intersecting the "A" dimension on your order form. When the length and width are different measurements, A is usually the longest of the two dimensions. However, if you want the fold intersect the shorter dimension, enter the shorter dimension as dimension "A." Important note: Spa covers cannot be returned because the position of the fold is entered incorrectly.
  • Skirt and Straps

    All that's left is the skirt and the safety straps. Please measure these as shown here. The skirt is the fabric that hangs down from the bottom of the cover. Both the skirt and the strap should be measured from the bottom of the cover down. Do not include the clip in the safety strap measurement.